ISTA – The International Schools of Temple Arts

Level One: Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

Group Agreements

  1. I agree to breathe, to feel, to be present and to be authentic.
  2. I agree to maintain confidentiality.  This means not disclosing any individual’s identities, stories, and experiences.  I am free to speak about my own experience in the training.
  3. I agree to show up for class each day at the agreed upon time for the duration of the training.
  4. I understand that everything that occurs during this training (from opening circle to closing circle) is part of the transformational process of the event.
  5. I agree to request support, guidance, and help using clear direct requests when I desire it.
  6. I agree to be coachable and I am open to feedback and direction from facilitators.
  7. I agree to take full responsibility for the nature of my experience.
  8. This course is designed to awaken powerful emotional energies. I agree to use the tools, techniques and philosophies being taught to process these emotions.
  9. I agree to maintain a non-violent environment in the training, i.e. making sure not to damage myself, anyone or anything around me.
  10. I agree to refrain from drugs and alcohol during the training. If I am taking mood altering prescription medication I will let the Lead facilitator know.
  11. I agree to not complain about others, and to speak directly to the person I have an issue with. If someone attempts to complain to me about others, I agree to support them to speak directly to the person concerned.
  12. I agree to ask people if they want feedback before I give it to them, and at a time that is suitable for both of us.
  13. I agree to allow people to have their experience and not intervene unless they ask for support: i.e not passing tissues and not giving touch, hugs or advice that has not been requested.
  14. I understand that this retreat explores sexuality. As an adult I agree to be responsible for my own sexual experiences and interactions with others (including facilitators). If I choose to act on my or others desires, I will use clear direct verbal communication and safer sex practices.
  15. If at any time I feel that the training is not appropriate for me or I wish to leave the training, I agree to bring my concerns directly to the course facilitators.
  16. I understand that if I break these agreements, I may be compromising the value I could receive from this training.